Elizabeth Di Donna
i'm here nowi'm here now (detail)i'm here now (installation view / video snippet)
i'm here now
Solo exhibition at Florida School of the Arts, 2016

video installation, porcelain, and other elements

I think of text as material. Heaps of pages, heaps of thoughts, accumulate like the earth’s crust to form the histories of our collective culture. When I’m not working, I try to read as much as I can. I like to take parts out of their context and study them for a while. I often collect these passages, much like the way I would save a found object. Sometimes these texts will find their way into my work.

In this installation, the porcelain is rolled paper-thin, carved with text, and used as a surface for image projection. Bright white and delicate, porcelain mimics pages of paper – a perfect ground on which to embed words. It also serves as a symbolic or emblematic material that represents a veil or membrane between two realms — reality and fantasy, self and world (i.e., flesh), natural and synthetic, or past event and present experience.